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Sleep On It


A "Case" for God's Promises

Bed time is a intimate time to listen and comfort your children. As they wake up we can give encouraging words as and a sense of value and purpose.

The words have been carefully chosen to also express promises in a way that are relevant to children.

They are important messages they need to hear to help build their value. (Deut 6:7)

A "Case" for Comfort

“Sleep on it” pillow cases are designed with comfort in mind. To provide the children with a case for peace, comfort, strength and hope. It is something tangible they can take with them on sleepovers , camps and anywhere to remind them of His promises. It can comfort them when they are grounded,
hurting or sad or scared.

A "Case" for Family

What a great way to share the truth with your children. What a great ‘’IN’’ to speak into their lives , words that empower and build. Speak and pray through the promises with your children each night as they settle down to sleep.

A "Case" for Mission

Each of these pillow cases will be made by Cambodian people, providing them an income. The money raised by this ministry will be put back into Cambodian Villages providing aid to families and a CASE for hope at their point of need.



Stories from the Heart

My Blankey makes me safe because of the material and because I’ve had him ever since the second I was born. Blankey makes me feel safe cause when I’m sad or scared I hug it and it makes me feel better. I think if you had one of these sleep on it” pillow cases you would feel the same every night and I guarantee that you’ll have the best restful sleep ever.

I was sharing about have sweet sleep with some children. We chatted about the challenges of worry and anxious thoughts at night and I quoted a scripture about sleeping in peace. I said “wouldn't it be great if we could sleep on the word of God” The next day a boy who lives in foster care came and presented me with a pillow that he had written the scripture on by hand. It took him 3 hours! I was amazed at this care and his responsive heart to the idea to “Sleep on it”
Cathy Clancy (International School of Worship)


Sleep on It
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